BLUGREY Workbench – bloody good benches

The BLUGREY Series Workbench and LOCKIT flatpac Workbench – bloody good benches.

Designing, developing and building your products at your workbench should see you be more organised and simplify your life, right?

How often do you look for tools in your current bench and can not find them? When you are drawing up, reviewing or looking for a place to store your plans, can these be stored in or near your current bench? Do you have sufficient lighting and work space? How often have you left a door open and walked into this door whilst working, damaging not just your bench but yourself in the process?

If you are looking for a tough, sturdy, reliable and durable workbench that has been designed by tradesman for tradesman – then these Workbenches are for you.

Whether you are an engineer, a motor mechanic, a machinist, a tradesman, a DIYer or any other hobbyist, the BLUGREY and LOCKIT workbenches will work for you. No matter what you do and how you do it, we have a workbench that’s right for you.

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